I was unaware of the 15-year deal to restrict truck traffic and speed on the Legacy Highway in Davis County until I read The Tribune article of Dec. 10.

I use the highway frequently. It is a beautiful 15 minutes of somewhat worry-free driving, away from the snarl, congestion and high speeds of I-15, I-215 and I-80. I think that this peaceful parkway should be managed as is.

Changing the rules to allow trucks would accelerate need for road repairs and add unnecessary congestion. Adding the convenience for ease of access to industrial areas for trucks is of questionable value, as there are numerous exits, from I-15 and I-215 at Redwood Road, that only change the driving time by three to five minutes.

After driving I-15 and its numerous lanes of traffic, drivers frequently changing lanes and significant numbers of speeders, when coming from the Brigham City area, I eagerly look forward to that 55 mph speed limit and a chance to take a breather before re-entering the I-215 merge.

When coming from my home, going north, I use U-201, I-80, I-215, and look forward to that relatively stress-free 15 minutes of driving.

While speeding is an issue on Legacy, it is generally not, as I have observed, a pervasive and dangerous issue, as evidenced in the accident statistics mentioned in The Tribune’s article. As we all know, there are those drivers who speed to excess regardless of posted limits, and do so to the detriment of those around them.

While I do not live in any of the Legacy property frontages, I am sure those homeowners appreciate the lack of need for sound barrier walls and to maintain whatever views they may have. The wildlife and waterfowl benefit, and those who use the thoughtfully provided running, biking and walking access also benefit.

Please keep Legacy Parkway as it is.

Corrie Southworth, Magna