So I open up the paper Monday morning and I shout: "No!" Better: "Not all Utah voices being heard.”

This state is a prime example of Republicans doing what they do: If you can't get an escape-proof, iron-fisted grip on every single elective office, you cheat.

I've been voting since 1968, and I can count the times I've voted for a Republican for any office on the fingers of one hand. (And most of those were in another state.)

I've seen my vote vanish down the Republican-controlled rabbit hole again and again. I rejoice at least to be represented in Congress by a Democrat as of this January, but I cringe to think that my wholehearted support of Prop 2 means not a thing, even though it passed.

The laughably partisan gerrymandering we live with at the moment means that thousands of us in Salt Lake County watch in dismay as our votes count for nothing compared to those of voters elsewhere. Is it any wonder that so many people don't even bother?

Karen Bryan, Kearns