It is true that one person's illegal or uncaring behavior can spoil another person's rights.

If you walk your dog in a nice park, and then neglect to pick up the dog's waste, the park may be closed to all dog owners. Because one person was inconsiderate and unthinking about consequences, every dog owner suffers. That is how laws and rules often come about sometimes.

If a gun owner loans someone their gun and it is used in an illegal act, that gun owner should to some degree be held responsible. If you loan your car to someone not inquiring whether that driver has a driver's license, and they have an accident, who is held responsible? The car owner!

Jill McCluskey, mother of slain Lauren McCluskey, has a point in the Nov. 14 article “Mother of slain U. student wants charges against the gun owner.

The right to bear arms is a wonderful freedom for those who require a gun for a legitimate reason. Law enforcement, hunting, protection and target shooting are legal, I believe. All very nice, but unfortunately there are not enough laws, restrictions or codes in place to help guide and protect people in our country.

Other countries, smaller than the USA, have gun laws and requirements in place, and they are enforced. England and Australia have good gun laws.

How heartbreaking for the loved ones of Lauren McCluskey to not be able to find some kind of justice, or at least some kind of future assurance that guns and some people who own them will be found accountable in the future. To at least find laws in place soon that would prevent so many more killings by guns.

Marlene Lundquist, Sandy