George H.W. Bush’s death is a loss that reminds of the desperate days we face now. He did what was right for his country, even at the cost of his re-election.

He was presidential, yet humble, kind and honest. He worked in bipartisan ways whenever possible, the epitome of a leader. Civility in government still existed and compromise wasn’t a dirty word. Our country stood up for its values and was respected. The butchery of a journalist would not have gone unpunished.

The GOP has become "Trump’s party,” giving him full reign. Our democracy is on the line and hatred abounds. The daily lies are rendering many people numb. Good men and women, wake up and fight for our democracy and our values as a country.

We need to get back to where we, the people, are served by those in power, not by a wanna be dictator and his minions.

The very existence of our planet is being ignored for greed. Disasters and scientists’ alarms are ignored for the enrichment of the top 1 percent.

Our wildlife is “trophy” hunted towards extinction and the balance of a healthy ecology is being destroyed.

Isn’t our country worth fighting for?

Maria Roberts, Park City