Regarding the Nov. 27 Tribune article, "GM to slash up to 14,000 jobs in North America”:

Following the Obama administration's decision to assist and allow American-based automakers to "clean up their act,” it became apparent, while focusing on trucks and SUVs, that the American sedan was being de-emphasized as U.S. automakers quickly reduced their product lines.

I find GM's decision unfortunate but not surprising. From a personal perspective, though, my first purchase was a 1967 Ford Mustang 2+2 with a 390 V8 (a true muscle car), and every subsequent purchase involved sedans produced by Asian automakers, specifically Japan and then, South Korea.

The reason was simple. I have long believed Asian automakers just design better sedans than their American counterparts. So, as it appears the U.S. automakers will continue to reduce sedan production, it is my hope that companies such as Mazda, Kia, Nissan, Honda, et al., continue to design high-quality automobiles for those of us who have no interest in larger vehicles.

What I do find amusing through all this is a president, who appeared to have bankruptcy courts on speed dial, telling a major U.S. corporation how to do business. Perhaps what he should focus on is keeping false or "fake" campaign promises to his supporters to a minimum.

Gary D. Ruiz, Murray