Oh Mia Love, how far you have fallen. You go on the attack against the Republican Party, knowing full well you were used the entire time you were, um, not representing your constituents, but falling in line with the detestable Trump machine.

You said, “Republicans never take minority communities into their home and citizens into their homes and into their hearts.” You knew that from the get-go and still you thought you made a difference. The Trump machine showed you, didn’t it?

You say you are now untethered and unshackled, and you can say exactly what’s on your mind. Well, you had that ability for the past three years and didn’t exercise it. You said, “We will not yield the moral high ground whatever the cost,” but you never had the moral high ground from get-go. You insist you’re not going away, but the door has already shut on you. Bye.

William C. Johnson, Ogden