The legislation introduced in the Senate to protect the Mueller investigation was blocked Wednesday by Sen. Mike Lee. Meanwhile, Sen. Orrin Hatch proclaims there is no reason to worry about President Donald Trump doing anything to undermine, defund or block the investigation or fire Robert Mueller.

Are both of Utah’s senators out of their minds? Now Trump is talking about the possibility of pardoning Paul Manafort!

Are there any clear-thinking individuals who truly believe Trump will not do anything he possibly can to fire Mueller and squash the investigation? Could an “innocent” man act out in a more guilty way?

Some of Trump’s staff have told him firing Mueller would be political suicide and dangerous to the presidency. Really?

For crying out loud, every single day Trump says or does something that should by itself be enough to have him removed from office, but nothing ever happens! Why?

Ignorant, servile fools such as Lee, Hatch and the rest of Utah's congressional delegation, along with every other Republican senator and member of Congress, have been looking the other way and enabling Trump since the 2016 election. They all stupidly and gleefully fiddle as Rome burns.

Jonathan C. Seegmiller, Salt Lake City