I read a couple of stories recently that highlighted an irony regarding the treatment of animals raised for food.

A group of activists came to the Utah Capitol with letters for the governor and dead piglets from a local factory farm in hand. They described the raising of pigs in gestation and battery cages that restrict the animals from any freedom of movement. They identified the barbaric methods of killing these piglets simply because they may have been too small to be of commercial value.

In contrast to this was a letter from the Humane Society of the United States celebrating a decision by the Vietnam government to put a halt to the torment and beatings of animals raised for food. They have passed laws that will require growers provide adequate space, water, food, hygiene and medical care. When sent to slaughter, they will be stunned first and animals next in line will be shielded from seeing the killing of others. In Hanoi, they have banned raising dogs for human consumption.

I commend the people of Vietnam for taking these humane steps that they have never done before. I expect that our animal industry in Utah will decide to follow the world's lead in growing our animals for food while treating them with respect and care. We can help them make these changes by eating less meat and writing letters to our representatives expecting them to pass laws requiring the use of accepted humane practices.

Paul Zuckerman, Salt Lake City