The Common Core State Standards were developed in 2009 and adopted by 46 states over the next several years. Five more states have either completely or partially dropped CCSS because of the poorly developed reading and math standards, ineffective learning expectations, and teachers’ inability to appropriately teach their students.

Have you taken a look at your child’s math homework lately? If it confuses you, it confuses your kids. You probably also noticed that they’re not reading the same classic novels. CCSS emphasizes “informational texts” over context and fiction because David Coleman, the “architect” of CCSS, believes that “no one gives a [expletive] what [people] think or feel.”

Also, the inappropriately high academic standards for young students in grades K-3 disrupt proper social, emotional and cognitive development. The standards don’t even really include students in special education.

Teachers now feel a lot of pressure to “teach to the test” rather than teach their students necessary educational skills. They’re frustrated by the CCSS “one-size-fits-all” approach because education should fit the needs of the student.

Please share your frustrations with the Utah State Board of Education so we can repeal CCSS and get our kids back on track!

Alyssa Reid, St. George