As an old investigator, I was shocked to see the board that oversees management of the Unified Fire Authority opted to not pursue recovery of monies spent by Chief Michael Jensen and others even though they clearly abused their role as administrators in service. The reasoning of the board was that costs to recover the hundreds of thousands of dollars were too high and the likelihood of conviction by prosecutors was low. I was amazed to read that the board advised the attorney general not to pursue charges because of the question of successful conviction. If that be the measure of prosecution, then the rules must have changed.

Why was Chief Jensen able to serve as county commissioner while serving as chief of the Fire Authority, which receives federal money — apparently in violation of the Hatch Act? The chief resigned, but restitution has not been forthcoming to date. It would seem that aggressive and vigorous prosecution is in order by the attorney general’s office. Why that office is bound by the recommendation of Board of the Authority is a mystery to me.

Harry W. Patrick, Salt Lake City