The Democrats have taken control of the House. Nancy Pelosi is considered to become speaker. If she does and immediately goes on another rant against the current administration and demand for lawsuits, subpoenas and a push for impeachment, she will become the harpy of the House. The many Democrat voters throughout the country who prefer legislative action and not a pattern of revenge seeking will become disillusioned with political chicanery as usual.

So many critical issues need resolution: medical care, the immigration debacle, reasonable tax relief and sensible oversight of our military and homeland security needs, among other issues. If Pelosi and all those eager would-be candidates salivating for 2020 would first attend to the needs of the people, then their chances when the White House residency next comes up for vote would be far improved. Continue a campaign of constant legal maneuvers, vacuous blathering of the more extreme element of the party and perhaps, not Donald Trump, but another member of the opposition party will maintain control of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Congress has become like a large repair shop — full of tools but lacking any real mechanics.

James F. Oshust, Millcreek