I think that Donald Trump is making America great again, but not in the way he thinks. Since he was elected, concerned citizens have confronted their representatives all over the country. It is clear that Republicans do not want to face grassroots activists who are protesting them.

The Republican party has become an anti-immigrant, protectionist and deficit-making party. Its small-government, low-regulation and nationalistic outlook is hostile to free trade and immigration. It solicits support by building walls and espousing tribal solidarity.

We can no longer expect someone with a frail grip on substance to maintain control or make effective decisions based on his vagaries. The problems of health care, immigration and deficits won’t be fixed by Republicans who endorse his decisions and ignore his preposterous surges of petulance.

I see the “Blue Wave” developing solidarity and positivism through trust and unity by doing big things in communities. We should all work together to be more flexible citizens. We must engage in camaraderie while displacing traditional party connections. We must adapt to the lack of leadership in Washington, D.C., by acting in our own local interests, fostering reconstruction from the bottom up.

Don Hiddleson, Millcreek