I have commuted to work by bike for about three years in Salt Lake City. Rain or shine, hot or cold, I love being on my bike and enjoying our city’s great bike infrastructure.

I also fear for my life.

Crossing certain intersections by bike is a dangerous proposition when people in cars have places to be and red lights to run. Drivers seem to especially disrespect the traffic light at 2100 South and 600 East. Cyclists, who can get into the middle of that intersection quickly, are at great risk from any driver who decides to run the red.

I’ve learned from experience that even waiting a few seconds after getting the light to cross is not sufficient; visual confirmation that all lanes have actually stopped is my standard now before I cross. I feel it’s necessary to take this step to improve my chances of not being killed by a careless driver.

Another thing that would help is Salt Lake City adopting red light cameras to discourage a reckless driving act that puts everyone else in danger.

Dan Niceswanger, Salt Lake City