Shortly after the Kavanaugh debacle President Trump declared that "It is a very scary time for young men in America.” He is right, but not for the reason he envisions.

Many women were galvanized into action after the hearings: Some recalled previously hidden episodes of sexual abuse. Others reassessed their attitudes towards men in general and to their husbands or partners. They have become hyper-vigilant about seeming episodes of sexual prejudice on the part of men.

Trump’s plaint rings hollow. He is a man who has a record of insensitivity towards women and chauvinistic behavior, not to mention his alleged affairs.

It is indeed scary time for young (and old) men in America; they need to be sensitive to the sea change and act accordingly.

Women need to believed, supported and valued and men need to be called out when their attitudes are destructive to women.

Louis Borgenicht, Salt Lake City