Utah’s four GOP House representatives recently debated their challengers. The four — Rob Bishop, Chris Stewart, John Curtis and Mia Love — cited and endorsed their own Utah “values” while continuing to generally support and endorse their party and its leader, Donald Trump. There is an inconsistency, even a hypocrisy, in citing Utah values while endorsing Trump.

The current GOP is corroded, corrupt, untruthful, uncivil, indecent and incapable of governing. A number of prominent Republicans now argue that the party needs to be destroyed so it can be reborn as a principled, honest, conservative party. This process can be expedited by voting against the Trump GOP party — against its candidates at all levels — now and in 2020.

Utah values are inconsistent with the immorality, the meanness, the prejudice, the indecency and the lies and crimes of Trump and his now-valueless GOP.

Those running under the banner of the GOP do not deserve your vote. They have chosen to continue with the GOP, rather than renounce their membership and their support of Trump and his corroded party.

Vote for values, principles and courage.

Joseph Andrade, Salt Lake City