I was recently contacted for input on a political poll. The questions started as expected, but then took a turn toward the medical marijuana ballot proposal.

With a spouse and disabled sister who suffer debilitating chronic pain, I fully favor medical marijuana. The medical marijuana-related poll questions were obviously biased against medical marijuana, such that if you answered in favor of the ballot proposal you would also be in favor of 5-year-olds using pot at school, organized crime and more or less the complete destruction of Utah society.

After responding to a couple of these biased questions, I asked who was sponsoring the poll and told the person the questions were ridiculous. The pollster said they would tell me the poll sponsor, but only after I completed the survey. At this point I hung up. The pollster immediately called back and wanted me to complete the poll. Since they would not tell me the poll sponsor or acknowledge the poll was biased, I declined.

If you see a poll about medical marijuana, beware. The one I was asked to complete was sneaky and completely biased against medical marijuana.

Dave Larsen, Ogden