Letter: Love runs on abortion because she has nothing else to run on

(Leah Hogsten | The Salt Lake Tribune) Mia Love, Representative for Utah's 4th Congressional District, addresses the delegates at the Utah Republican Nominating Convention Saturday, April 21, 2018 at the Maverik Center.

The July 27 article is very telling as to Mia Love’s dilemma.

Rep. Mia Love cannot run by boasting of the accomplishments of this Congress, she can't run on the merits of the Cabinet appointments made by her party leader, she can't run on trade issues, she can't run on the quality of environmental policy, she can't run on the idea of seeking truth about the Russian intervention in our elections, she can't run on the merits of the Republican health care plan (there is none), she can't run on the party's desire to cut Social Security and Medicare for those who spent a lifetime paying for those benefits, she can't run on the party's plan for immigration reform (again there is none) and she can't run on the false claims of the single major bill passed by this Congress since the tax cuts favor the rich and do little for the average citizen.

So what can she run on? The only thing left is the abortion issue, which always arouses the Republican stalwarts. Well, there is the issue of gun rights, which will likely be her next salvo. Love is quoted as saying her daughter claims she is a conservative because killing babies makes a country good for nothing. I say a country that imposes one religious belief on all citizens, separates children from their parents (isn't that child trafficking?), denies people the ability to purchase health insurance, allows corruption in government to proceed, is incapable of finding solutions to mass murder and lets innuendo rather than fact rule the day is, in Love's daughter's words, "pretty much good for nothing.”

Richard Steiner, Salt Lake City

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