Sen. Orrin Hatch could become one of the few senators in all of history with a legacy so significant his name will be honored, revered and never forgotten.

He will be remembered as the senator with the insight to have realized a seriously camouflaged danger to our democracy and democracies around the world … the single senator courageous enough to face a political tsunami of lies and to take those dangers down.

All it will take is his vote in the Senate to stop Donald Trump’s psychopathic resolve to disavow our friendly nations, undermine our own democracy and join Vladimir Putin in splintering democracies around the world. Doing so will establish the Hatch legacy as truly heroic and beneficial to all of mankind forever.

Or Sen. Hatch can continue to just sit there, support Trump and establish a legacy known primarily for being one of those senators who just sat there and watched it happen.

John Dombek, Santa Clara