Unfortunately, Utah does not get it. Those still maintaining their continued support of the present administration must really not fathom the true depth of the situation (by conscious choice, or perhaps it is just by rote conditioning). Is that truly an integral part of the authorized and prescribed teachings (throughout the entire common community) to be a "faithful and true" member?

Is the teaching actually one where you must not question, not look, not evaluate, not hold those issues or persons in any position of authority to your closely held and professed “testimony” that there is really a “higher standard” to be strived for and met? And, if that is true, is that endorsed mitzvah also rigidly coupled so you must blindly follow those same leaders or ideas, because of the real risk of local community disenfranchisement, or there is a possibility of that happening at other various higher levels?

When do you, personally, finally acknowledge that the “here and now” reality actually presents the “mists of darkness, filthy river, and building full of taunting people,” using terms (I'm assuming) you should be very familiar with? If you are not understanding these references, then I suggest you might consider re-reading the “foundation” of your individually, fully professed, unfoundering “faithful and true” belief. As little as I know: Where do “free will” and holding onto the “rod of iron” versus “current thinking and your measurable actions” intersect when it will really count, at your appointed time and place?

I’ll apologize to those who are offended, where I may have somehow misspoken or not fully understood the ecclesiastical realm in which this occurs, but given the recent national events, it is really hard for this “Episcopal Gentile” among the “faithful” to conclude something otherwise.

Allen Peterson, Murray