Every single day, President Donald J. Trump finds someone new to attack, vilify, call names, belittle, create hate, threaten or destroy. His hateful negative tweets start our day every single day. It is affecting the morale and mood of the entire world, especially Americans. Recent studies find that society as a whole is now more discourteous, more critical, unhappier, more unaccepting of each other, and it stems from the “leadership” and daily example of Donald J. Trump.

I suggest the only thing we can do, at least today, is to retaliate with the opposites: kindness and positive actions. Say hello to a stranger. Help someone in some small way. Smile. Express appreciation. Say thanks. Give praise where it’s deserved. Try not to criticize. Smile some more. These deeds will come back many times over, and if enough of us do it, it will reverse this malaise the world is experiencing. Let’s not let an angry, undisciplined, uncouth, uneducated, uncaring bully and con man set the mood for our lives and the world. Thanks for reading! Great job! Nice smile! Good dog!

The paradox is that I just attacked, criticized, vilified, belittled and called Trump a name. You can’t win. I am against demonstrators, but don’t know how to show it. (Smile.)

Cary Hobbs, Midway