​Are you disgusted, as I am, by the state of our country and its elected leaders, especially (but certainly not limited to) our corrupt commander-in-chief and his appointed cronies?

Protest, express outrage, petition your representatives — I question how much good that really accomplishes; seems like it usually falls on deaf ears or is met by a blind eye. There is only one way to change things, my friends. VOTE!

Take a look at the candidates and vote for those who truly reflect the common good. Jenny Wilson for U.S. Senate is an excellent candidate — why is it that Mitt Romney is a supposed foregone conclusion in Utah? She is a much better choice!

Rally round the candidates who can make a difference for Utah families and head our country in the right direction. If enough of the disgruntled would get to the polls, we just might have a chance to turn things around.

Jan Crane, Midvale