Rep. Chris Stewart asserts it is silliness to think that President Donald Trump is a “Russian stooge.” Also, our intelligence services’ conclusion that Russia’s activities were designed to help the Trump campaign is one he’s “not sure we can confidently conclude.”

His claim comes from his membership on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, whose main contribution has been to provide us all with an example of “fake intelligence.” Every time a new document appears related to one of its conclusions, the committee turns out to be just wrong. This weekend we found out that the Carter Page investigation was properly authorized and independent of the Steele dossier, contrary to the committee’s Finding #19 in Chapter 3. The earlier Robert Mueller indictments of 12 Russian intelligence operators clearly document targeting the Hillary Clinton campaign and collusion with WikiLeaks to undermine Clinton. I suppose we are to assume they operated independently of Vladimir Putin, who admitted in the recent press conference that he favored Trump.

How can we interpret Mr. Stewart’s proffer of fake intelligence? He helped us in calling Trump “Our Mussolini.” It appears Mr. Stewart is genuflecting to “Il Duce Trump.”

I hope everyone realizes that there are four candidates in the 2nd Congressional District in November: Stewart, Trumpitarian; Shireen Ghorbani, Democrat; and Jeffrey Whipple, Libertarian. I encourage the reader to vote anyone but Stewart.

Ken Jameson, Salt Lake City