Letter: Other Utahns bear the burden for large families

(Steve Griffin | The Salt Lake Tribune) Members of the House of Representatives, their family members and staff stand for the singing of the National Anthem as the 2018 Legislative session begins at the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City Monday January 22, 2018.

There had to be a special session to reduce the taxes paid for large families because the government reduced these deductions?

I always thought that having large families was a choice, and the costs should remain with them. Where does the so-called $30 million come from to reduce their burden? Oh, I know … other people get to pay for it.

The large families’ children grow up and overload schools and roads, but no one ever talks about this. My property taxes went up $339 or roughly 12.5 percent, and my Social Security monthly check went up by 0.02 percent.

I worked for almost 50 years, then got to retire, but can’t afford to golf very much because of the costs, which are close to $400 per month. I’ve wondered what parks, swimming pools and tennis courts cost the people using them.

I’ll also continue to pay the 88 percent tax on alcohol so the children can get free lunch.

Randy Epperson, Murray