Thanks to The Tribune for your editorial about the efforts of Reps. Becky Edwards and Ray Ward to inform and create resolve in the Legislature about environmental stewardship and the need to recognize and address the economic and human welfare effects of our changing climate.

Edwards moved HCR7 through a tough committee hearing, aided by grassroots support from some persistent students from Logan High School. Their ability to articulate their concerns and bring forth versions of HCR7 in more than one try is laudable. Echoes of these efforts are reflected in the passion of the Parkland high school students.

Yet, despite the well-prepared efforts of my representative, Ray Ward, to educate his fellow committee members on current climate-science findings, his HCR1 was voted down 9-3.

I’m proud of the courage shown by Edwards and Ward. They have both been willing to listen and educate themselves on the immediacy of the impacts of our warming globe, manifested by extreme weather events around the world and the devastating costs in lives lost or disrupted and property destroyed.

Jim Wightman, Bountiful