Jeff Clawson: Someone should have warned us doctors that masks are harmful

(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) Angry residents react when the Utah County Commission meeting was adjourned before it even started. The group protesting against masks being required in schools removed the social distancing tape on the chairs and filled the Utah County Commission room to over flowing, prompting Commissioner Tanner Ainge to call for a vote to adjourn the meeting in Provo, on Wednesday, July 15, 2020.

The “Great Mask Controversy” continues here, unfortunately at the controlling level (science or political?) of our clueless governor and the possible guv-elect.

After seeing the “outraged” demonstrating moms at a Utah County Commission meeting recently, holding signs like, “Don’t smother my child,” it caused me to contemplate my whole career.

I certainly wish I had known this stuff before I was “forced” to stand in surgical operating rooms for four, six and eight hours at a time, wearing a mask, as I was unknowingly becoming carbon dioxide poisoned, and even brain damaged.

How did all the surgeons, anesthesiologists and OR nursing experts miss this one? We should have had a required class in med school taught by the Repubs, pre-Trumpsters, and Utah County mothers before so freely giving up our constitutional mask freedoms.

And if masks also didn’t even work as claimed, I could have been breathing for hours-on-end, uninhibitedly, into many an open bleeding abdomen, an amputation site, that jello-like brain tissue, your kid’s gooey appendix and a myriad of children’s hand and facial wounds.

All those years, we “uniformed” medical workers could have all been breathing freely and “freedomly” (sic).

Question: Is there a hidden tin-foil lining in all those MAGA hats preventing the standard absorption of common knowledge? But don’t ask me, as this doc, by wearing all those masks for so long, has become too oxygen deprived, CO2 poisoned and germ rebreathing infected to really tell anymore.

At least my mask wearing disabilities should be covered by worker’s comp. If not, starting my GoFundMe medical account in the morning.

Jeff Clawson, M.D.,

Jeff Clawson, M.D., Salt Lake City, is the brain-damaged doc who invented “Medical 911” training and protocols, now used in 54 countries.

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