‘The Rundown’: Romney wonders why Giuliani trashed his reputation trying to overturn the election

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Romney was bewildered by Giuliani’s post-election behavior

As former President Donald Trump furiously tried to overturn his loss to Joe Biden, the behavior of his legal team, specifically former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani grew increasingly bizarre. Giuliani hit a nadir during an embarrassing press conference in front of a Pennsylvania landscaping company.

Sen. Mitt Romney, who campaigned for president against Giuliani in 2008, told Washington Post reporters Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker he did not understand why Giuliani threw away what had been a glowing reputation on such a hopeless cause.

“I found his participation in something so bizarre and irregular to be virtually incomprehensible. I wondered how in the world can someone of that stature do something of this nature,” Romney told the reporters for their new book I Alone Can Fix It: Donald J. Trump’s Catastrophic Final Year.

“To see people who are respected globally, like Mayor Giuliani, shred that credibility...was extraordinarily disheartening,” said Romney.

Romney was also troubled by Trump’s claims before the election that if he lost to Democrat Joe Biden, the election was somehow “rigged, Romney believed it was a way for Trump to soothe his fragile ego. He also was troubled by Trump’s refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power should he lose.

“As I heard that comment, I thought to myself, oh, he thinks that if he participates in a transition that he’s going to get jinxed, and that might mean he would lose and that he has to make sure he doesn’t do anything that suggests he can do anything but win,” Romney said.

Romney never believed those comments could lead to the violence of January 6.

“I marked it up to his psyche but recognized that this comes at a cost in the event he loses,” Romney said.

Here’s what you need to know for Thursday morning

Utah news

  • Sen. Mike Lee is joining forces with Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders to claw back war powers from the president. [Tribune]

  • The Salt Lake City Council and Mayor Erin Mendenhall passed a resolution calling racism a public health crisis. [Tribune]

  • An assistant attorney general in Alaska, under investigation for running a virulently racist Twitter account, is a graduate of BYU law school and a member of The Church of Jesus Chris of Latter-day Saints. He also allegedly posted using the #DezNat Twitter hashtag. [Tribune]

  • Utah doctors are warning of another COVID-19 surge this summer as the state saw the highest number of new cases in 5 months. [Tribune]

  • Reusing water could be key to solving Utah’s drought, but there are several hurdles to clear before that’s a viable option. [Tribune]

National news

  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi barred two staunch supporters of former President Donald Trump from the select committee to investigate the attempted coup on January 6. In response, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy pulled all five Republicans off of the panel. [NYT]

  • In newly released audio, former President Trump can be heard praising the “loving crowd” that turned out in Washington, D.C. on January 6. “Many, many people told me that was a loving crowd,” Trump said. Much of the crowd attacked the U.S. Capitol later in the day in an attempt to overturn the election. [WaPo]

  • The government debt limit may run out in October. Unless Congress votes to raise or suspend the limit, the Treasury Department’s borrowing ability would be exhausted. [Bloomberg]

  • President Joe Biden says wages will have to rise for businesses to solve their difficulties finding employees. [The Hill]

  • The bipartisan infrastructure deal could upend a massive $3.5 trillion spending bill pushed by Democrats. [Politico]

  • White House health officials begin discussing masking recommendations as COVID-19 cases are rising dramatically. [WaPo]

  • White House health officials begin discussing masking recommendations as COVID-19 cases are rising dramatically. [WaPo]

  • The number of new COVID-19 infections in the U.S. has tripled over the past two weeks. [AP]

  • Anti-vaccine groups on Facebook are changing into “dance parties” to avoid being banned from the social platform. [NBC News]

  • 3 big drug companies and Johnson & Johnson reached a $26 billion settlement with states over allegations they helped fuel the opioid epidemic. [CNBC]

Thursday’s Utah news roundup


  • Former Wellington Police Chief charged with assault. [FOX13]

  • Multiple condor nestlings found in Utah for 1st time in same breeding season. [KSL]

  • New commander takes charge at Utah’s Dugway Proving Ground. [KUTV]

  • Ogden looking to join other area agencies in new business funding effort. [Standard Examiner]


  • Why Mitt Romney says doing nothing about global warming would be seen as ‘extraordinary lapse’. [Deseret News]


  • Water sport rental company feeling effects of low water levels at Pineview Reservoir. [FOX13]

  • As Great Salt Lake shrinks, northern Utah’s air pollution problems could worsen. [FOX13]

  • Dangling Rope, an important Lake Powell refueling area, to remain closed through 2021. [KSL]

  • Here’s what it’s like launching a boat at Lake Powell this week. [KUTV]

  • As water source dries up, one Utah community trucking in drinking water. [ABC4]


  • Here are the 3 finalists to be the next president of the University of Utah. [Tribune]

  • Salt Lake City School District offers new online option for K-6 students. [Tribune]

  • Teacher training on ‘active shooter’ situations offered by Utah County Sheriff’s Office. [FOX13]

  • Ogden, Provo school districts join lawsuit against Juul. [Standard Examiner]

Local Government

  • Cox taps state legislator for new district judge. [KSL]

  • Saratoga Springs City Council looks to implement ADU policy. [Daily Herald]

  • Utah County Commission appoints Peter Brown to project coordinator position. [Daily Herald]

  • Anonymous candidate drops out of Provo District 2 race. [Daily Herald]

  • Park City mayoral primary: Will Andy Beerman, Nann Worel or David Dobkin be dropped? [Park Record]


  • What historic rise in Utah home values means for your property tax bill. [KUTV]

  • Salt Lake, designers launch design competition to help with affordable housing. [KUTV]

On the Opinion Pages

  • Clayton Parr: War on pandemic has been undermined by anti-vaccination movement. [Tribune]

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