Park officials warn visitors of ‘dark sand’ at Yuba Lake

As the lake recedes, the sand has turned into mud.

What can look like dry sand may actually be mud. And it can cause a trailer to sink.

Park officials at Yuba State Park are warning visitors of the risk involved with driving or parking large recreational vehicles too close to Yuba Lake, advising them to stay out of the “dark sand.”

As the lake in Juab County has receded, its sand has become more like mud, officials said in a Facebook post.

“Looks can be deceiving,” the post says. “Just because it looks safe, doesn’t mean it is for your enormous trailer and truck to park right along the [water’s] edge!”

Officials said getting stuck in dark sand can cost “thousands of dollars in a wrecker fee” and recommend that visitors drive or park “a couple hundred yards back or more depending on the size and weight of your rig.” One way to tell if a recreational vehicle is in the clear is by paying attention to the color of the sand where parked.

“You have been warned,” officials said. “Please use sound judgment when traveling the beaches.”