Heber police chief reinstated after being cleared of an unspecified allegation

Mayor praises Dave Booth as a ‘competent, compassionate leader.’

Heber City’s police chief has been cleared of an allegation that was never made public.

In July, Dave Booth was placed on administrative leave after an “internal complaint,” according to Mayor Kelleen Potter. After an “independent review” by the Utah Department of Public Safety and the Wasatch County Sherriff’s Office, that complaint “was not substantiated and found to be baseless and without merit,” and Booth “has been cleared and returned to work.”

Potter offered no specifics about the complaint. She did heap praise on Booth.

“He has earned admiration throughout Heber City and the Heber Valley as a competent, compassionate leader and is a substantive and contributing citizen,” the mayor said in a statement. “We are grateful for his contributions, both past and forthcoming.”

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