Utah woman charged with killing her husband after he found her with another man

Wife fired a gun through the glass front door of the business she owned with her husband.

The Salt Lake Tribune

A South Jordan woman, who claimed she shot her husband to death when he came after her, has been charged with killing him.

Emilee Petersen Fisher, 46, was charged in 3rd District Court with murder, a first-degree felony; five counts of felony discharge of a firearm, second-degree felonies; and possession of a firearm by a restricted person, a third-degree felony.

According to the charges, Fisher called police dispatchers on March 20 to report that she had shot and killed her husband, Ronald Fisher, firing through the glass door of their business — Adopt a Bed, at 583 W. Billinis Road in South Salt Lake. She “also stated that he had come after her.”

When police officers arrived, they found Ronald Fisher’s body next to the sidewalk near the front door of the business, and shattered glass on the sidewalk. Six spent shell casings were found on the floor and a handgun was found on a bed in a bedroom inside the business.

According to an autopsy, Ronald Fisher was shot in the left arm, left shoulder, right shoulder and torso.

A witness told police that he was in the business with Emilee Fisher when her husband arrived and confronted him “about being there with [his] wife.” The witness also told police he did not see Ronald Fisher with a weapon; that Ronald Fisher did not threaten him or Emilee Fisher with a weapon; and that neither he nor Emilee Fisher were assaulted or threatened with injury.

The suspect told police he fled through the front door because he knew “[expletive] was going to go down.” He said he heard shots shortly after he left the building, ran a few blocks and hid in a dumpster, where he was later found by police.

Emilee Fisher told police the witness had left the business before her husband arrived. She was booked into the Salt Lake County jail, where she is being held without bail.

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