Man shot by police during standoff in Washington County

He survived and was booked in jail.

Washington City police said they arrested a man who pointed guns at civilians after a standoff during which the man was shot.

Police said in a probable cause statement that they got a call on Tuesday about a man in a silver vehicle pointing a gun at people. When officers tried to stop the vehicle, the man apparently attempted to flee by driving away from police into oncoming traffic. The man in the car made it back to his house and barricaded himself inside, where he had a rifle and a handgun. His wife, who was not inside the house, identified him by name to police.

Six officers stayed outside the house in an armored vehicle while trying to talk to the man, according to the probable cause statement. A sniper with a magnified scope allegedly saw the man point a gun at the car with the police officers. He also allegedly threatened to shoot police officers who came inside. The man was shot by a member of the police’s tactical team. He was subsequently taken to a hospital and then to jail.