Body found after garage fire in Clinton City

Clinton City firefighters found a body Sunday morning after putting out a fire in a detached garage at 2200 W 1300 N.

Fire Chief David Olsen said that when firefighters were called to the scene around 3 a.m. they were told someone might be living in the garage. The fire was already so hot that no one could have survived inside, Olsen said. Firefighters couldn’t safely enter the garage until they got control of the fire. Even then, getting inside was challenging because of the amount of items being stored in the garage.

“There were a lot of combustibles that fueled fire and limited access,” he said.

After most of the fire was extinguished, firefighters had to use a tractor to move things so they could enter the garage and put out hot spots inside. Once they got inside, they found a human body.

Olsen said they are waiting on the state medical examiner to identify the body. He said the fire marshal is investigating the blaze.