A man was shot during a confrontation with neighbors after being kicked out of a child’s birthday party in Taylorsville for being intoxicated and carrying a gun, according to authorities.

The unidentified man was dropped off at the party near 4600 Hemlock Drive in Taylorsville around 6:30 p.m., Unified Police spokesman detective Ken Hansen said.

The host asked the man to leave. The man did not leave and the host removed a gun from that man’s waistband and took away the magazine, Hansen said. When the man decided to leave, and the host returned the gun and magazine.

The man then “engage[d]” with a few people across the street from the party, Hansen said, including a man with a concealed carry permit. The intoxicated man reportedly pointed his gun at the neighbors and the man with the concealed carry permit shot him.

Hansen said that while the shooting is still under investigation, police believe it was done in self-defense and haven’t arrested the shooter.

The unidentified man is in serious condition at the hospital after the shooting.