A wildfire that started late Monday near the top of Emigration Canyon has stopped spreading and is under control.

“Crews did a good job of keeping it at bay," Unified Fire Department spokesman Ryan Love said Tuesday morning.

The cause of the blaze, which forced the evacuation of some residents, is not yet known, he said.

About 100 state and local firefighters worked throughout the night to stop the blaze, which burned about 10 acres near Pinecrest Canyon, just northeast of the top of Emigration Canyon, Love said.

Evacuations were ordered around 9 p.m. Monday for 10 homes along Pinecrest Canyon Road between Emigration Canyon Road and Killyons Lane. Other residents nearby evacuated voluntarily.

“Hopefully, we can get them back into their houses later today,” Love said Tuesday morning.

Helicopters with water buckets and a large tanker dropping retardant were deployed against the fire.

“We’re putting a hurt on it,” Love said late Monday.