An off-duty FBI agent shot and killed a Utah man who, witnesses said, had a gun drawn in an Albuquerque brewery, according to law enforcement and news outlets there.

Cody Guy Wrathall, 43, a veterinarian from Saratoga Springs, died in the shooting that took place Saturday.

The Albuquerque Journal cited police there as saying officers received a report of a woman being stalked by her ex-boyfriend inside the Nexus Brewery. Police were on their way when the off-duty FBI agent reported seeing a man enter the brewery with a gun.

“We just heard bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang,” Chris Fullam, a KOAT-TV 7 employee who was eating at the brewery when the shooting happened, said in an interview with his station. “And it sounded like someone was unloading, like, a full clip. There were screams.”

The FBI and Albuquerque police are investigating the shooting.

Wrathall has no criminal record in Utah. According to public records, he has held a veterinary license in Utah since 2002.

In September of last year, the Utah Division of Professional and Occupational Licensing issued Wrathall a public reprimand. According to documents on the agency’s website, Wrathall ingested ketamine and Valium from a veterinary practice, blacked out and had to be treated at a hospital. The documents say Wrathall was trying to treat himself for depression and anxiety.

His veterinary license is still listed as active.