Trail runner dodges charging bison at Antelope Island

Michael McKnight runs away from a charging bison on Antelope Island, March 1, 2019. (FOX 13)

A trail runner had a close encounter with a bison while he was running on Antelope Island — and it was caught on camera.

According to FOX 13, Michael McKnight, who is an avid runner from Cache County, was on the 23-mile run on Friday when he came upon a bison.

“I know that wildlife is meant to be kept alone,” McKnight said. “I definitely wasn’t trying to provoke it or anything.”

However, the bison had other plans.

“He leaned forward and started charging. I could definitely feel the ground moving. There was a lot of force behind that animal,” McKnight described. “I thought, for sure, he was going to hit me to the ground and trample me.”

The bison was about five feet behind McKnight when McKnight made a sudden turn, causing the large animal to give up the chase.

“I guess I was far enough away that he was done and stood his ground,” McKnight said.

FOX 13 spoke to Jeremy Shaw, the Antelope Island State Park Manager, who said bison can run up to 40 miles per hour. He advises visitors to stay at least 100 yards away if they encounter bison on the island.

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