A former Hurricane Police Department evidence technician has pleaded guilty in connection to allegations that he sold police evidence through his daughter’s online store.

Kurt Tanner, 55, of St. George, pleaded guilty as charged Tuesday in 5th District Court to one count of third-degree felony misuse of public money.

The plea was held in abeyance, meaning the case will be dismissed if Tanner does not commit any new crimes, completes 100 hours of community service and pays more than $1,200 in restitution.

Charges state that Tanner in 2016 gave the unclaimed evidence items to a company owned by his daughter to be sold on eBay. But rather than returning the money from the sale to the city, prosecutors alleged, the proceeds went to the online company.

The evidence that was sold was not contraband, and was ”several years old,” and included items like power tools and video game consoles, according to Washington County Attorney Brock Belnap.

Once a criminal case has ended, evidence is released to the owner, who has 90 days to claim it, police officials have said. If the evidence isn’t picked up, it is auctioned or given to an approved company to sell, and the money goes into the city coffers.

Tanner had handled evidence for the department for the past 10 years, Hurricane City police officials have said.