The one-time voice of the Utah Jazz — the late, great Hot Rod Hundley — will be heard again in a new documentary coming this spring.

A trailer for the documentary, “Hot Rod,” was released recently on social media by the film’s production company, Pikewood Creative in Morgantown, W.Va.

Hundley grew up in West Virginia, and played his college ball at Morgantown, at the University of West Virginia, from 1954 to 1957. The trailer shows footage of Hundley’s skills and his hot-dogging style, with behind-the-back passes and hook shots from the free-throw line.

Hundley played six seasons as a pro, all of them with the Lakers, in Minneapolis and Los Angeles. He then moved to broadcasting, starting with the Phoenix Suns and the Lakers, and announcing NBA games for CBS. In 1974, he was made lead announcer for the New Orleans Jazz, and moved with the team to Utah in 1979. He worked Jazz games on radio and TV simultaneously until 2005, and continued calling Jazz games on the radio until his retirement in 2009. He died in 2015, at the age of 80.

The trailer also shows the less savory aspects of Hundley’s life. “He wasn’t around when we were kids,” one of his daughters says in the film. Another interview subject comments that Hundley “loved his beer, he loved his womanizing, his carousing.”

Among the people interviewed in the film are NBA legend Jerry West (Hundley’s teammate at West Virginia and the Lakers), retired sportscaster Brent Musburger, and former Jazz coach Frank Layden.

The movie is set for release this spring, the trailer says.