Dogs on the patio are legal — and welcome — at these Salt Lake County restaurants

28 food establishments have received the “paws of the patio” variance for 2021. More food businesses are expected to apply as the season continues.

(Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) Bromley — being trained by child health therapist Erin Miller-Brennan to be a stress and anxiety service dog — joins her owner on the patio of Salt Lake City's OneOEight restaurant on Friday, May 28, 2021.

Nearly three dozen Salt Lake County restaurants can legally allow dogs on their outdoor patios in 2021 — and pet owners can expect more businesses to get the OK from health officials as the summer dining season continues.

Under the state health code, pets are banned from common eating areas, but local health departments are allowed to grant exceptions. The Salt Lake County Health Department changed its food sanitation rules several years ago to allow canine companions if restaurants meet certain requirements such as:

• Post signs so patrons know that dogs may be on the premises.

• Have an outdoor entrance so dogs don’t go through interior dining areas.

• Clean the patio every six hours or whenever there is a shift change, using animal-friendly products.

• Clean and sanitize “accidents” within 5 minutes.

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(Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) A sticker on the door at Vessel Kitchen, 905 E. 900 South, indicates that Salt Lake County Health Department has approved the patio for dogs.

Dog owners have responsibilities, too:

• Pets must remain on leash and have collars with current license and rabies tag.

• No dogs allowed on tables or chairs.

• Dogs may not have contact with any dishes or utensils.

Restaurants can give pets water in disposable containers, but the animals may not eat food — including dog food or treats — while on the restaurant patio. Servers and others who handle food may not touch the animals.

Currently, 28 food establishments in Salt Lake County have received the variance for the 2021 season, health officials said in a news release. The department expects more business to apply for the variance as the season continues.

Here’s where “paws on the patio” are legal.

Brewhouse Pub • 1722 South Fremont Drive, Salt Lake City.

Brickyard Bar • 3000 S. Highland Drive, Millcreek.

Campfire Lounge • 837 E. 2100 South, Salt Lake City.

Caputo’s on 15th • 1516 S. 1500 East, Salt Lake City.

Even Stevens • 2030 S. 900 East, Salt Lake City.

Fisher Brewing Co. • 320 W. 800 South, Salt Lake City.

Flatbread • 1044 E. 2100 South, Salt Lake City.

Handlebar • 751 N. 300 West, Salt Lake City.

Ice Haus • 7 W. 4800 South, Murray.

Lofte’s Bar and Grill • 2106 W. North Temple, Salt Lake City.

Log Haven • 6451 E. Millcreek Canyon Road, Salt Lake City.

One0eight • 1709 E. 1300 South, Salt Lake City.

Park Cafe • 604 E. 1300 South, Salt Lake City.

Pig and a Jelly Jar • 401 E. 900 South, Salt Lake City; and 1968 E. Murray-Holladay Road, Murray.

Mountain West Hard Cider • 425 N. 400 West, Salt Lake City.

The Point After • 5445 S. 900 East, Murray.

Proper Burger Co. • 865 S. Main St, Salt Lake City.

Riverbank Bar • 1306 E. Woodland Ave, Salt Lake City.

Root’d Cafe • 2577 E. Bengal Blvd, Cottonwood Heights.

Squatters • 147 W. 300 South, Salt Lake City.

Stratford Proper • 1588 E. Stratford Ave., Salt Lake City.

Taqueria 27 • 149 E. 200 South, Salt Lake City.; 1615 S. Foothill Drive, Salt Lake City.; 4670 S. Holladay Blvd., Holladay; and 6154 S. State St., Murray.

Tea Zaanti • 1944 S. 1100 East, Salt Lake City.

Templin Family Brewing• 936 S. 300 West, Salt Lake City.

Trolley Wing Company • 602 E. 500 South, Salt Lake City.

Vessel Kitchen• 905 E. 900 South, Salt Lake City.

Wasatch Brew Pub • 2110 S. Highland Drive, Salt Lake City.

Zest • 275 S. 200 West, Salt Lake City.