Utah athletic director Chris Hill lost it during a heated discussion with an unnamed individual outside the Utes’ interview room following their Sunday night loss to Arizona State.

On Thursday, Hill said he was sorry.

The Utah AD issued a statement apologizing for the profanity-laden outburst that was overheard during men’s basketball coach Larry Krystkowiak’s postgame news conference on Sunday night following a close loss to Arizona State.

The loud exchange took place in a room adjacent to the press conference, and audio and video recorders picked up part of Hill’s words. At one point, Krystkowiak stopped in the middle of his remarks due to the volume of the nearby outburst.

“I have had a few days to reflect on a heated conversation I had with an individual following our men’s basketball game against Arizona State on Sunday,” Hill said in his statement, released by the Utah athletic department. “While my emotions were high and I thought our meeting was private, there is no excuse for the inappropriate language I used. I have apologized to the person involved, who is someone I have known for years and greatly respect. I also regret any discomfort to others as a result of my cursing. As the leader of this department, I expect more of myself and I am sincerely sorry.”

While Hill’s statement did not identify the individual involved, his remarks involved the officiating of that night’s game. The Pac-12 Conference’s coordinator of men’s basketball officiating Bobby Dibler attended the game.