We’re not saying it was us, but someone might’ve jinxed Ricky Rubio and the Utah Jazz.

The team (5-6) is in the midst of a three-game slide, the latest a loss to the Philadelphia 76ers that saw them shoot the worst percentage of the season and make a lot of elementary mistakes on defense. As Tony Jones would say, some of the Sixers had enough time to sing the anthem before taking a shot.

Which anthem? Gotta tune in to this week’s episode of Weekly Run to find out. Here’s the rundown:

At 1:52 — Where does the schedule let up for the Jazz? Is the current homestand the time when they have to recapture their mojo?

At 4:35 — Bizarro Ricky Rubio was short-lived. What’s the biggest problem for the Jazz point guard so far?

At 8:00 — Derrick Favors played less than 20 minutes in the last game and has only scored double figures once in the last four games. What do the Jazz have to do to get him re-engaged?

At 16:31 — Rodney Hood has had a weird start to the season. Should fans start to be be concerned, or is it just a phase?

At 24:03 — The Jazz defense is not the Jazz defense. We discuss the mistakes and the issues in communication that have plagued Utah on that end of the ball.