John Stockton, Karl Malone and their flip phones hung out together at the LSU game Saturday

Tribune file photo Karl Malone and John Stockton share a moment on the court in this 1997 photo.

John Stockton and Karl Malone were dialed in throughout their Utah Jazz careers together, amassing a combined 24 All Star selections and two MVP awards.

The duo rarely, if ever, phoned it in on the court.

But in retirement, if they make a call to reminisce about their NBA career together, they’re probably doing it with old-school flip phones.

Stockton and Malone attended the LSU-Auburn football game Saturday in Baton Rouge with their families, where Malone’s wife, Kay, posted a photo in an Instagram story of the former Jazzmen together with their flip phones.

K.J. Malone, Karl and Kay’s son, is a senior offensive tackle at LSU.

Karl Malone is a staunch proponent of the flip phone, going back to an interview in 2014 where he called his cellular device “a masterpiece.”

The flip phone made another appearance in December 2015 — an apparent mainstay while the rest of the world moves on to buy the newest iPhone or Samsung smartphone.

The Malones and Stocktons seemed to have a great time at the game, and LSU came away with an upset victory. But the real winners are flip phone manufacturers — who’ll apparently always have advocates in John and Karl.

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