The rumors are true: The Jazz are going for gold next season.

A long-trafficked whisper among fans was confirmed on Friday night as Nike and the NBA revealed “Statement” uniforms for all 30 NBA teams — one of four new varieties for each franchise under the terms of the outfitter‘s deal with the league. 

While Utah’s first two uniforms looked a lot like their last redesign, the new uniform — donned by Rodney Hood — takes a color that hasn’t played much into past Jazz looks and brings it to the forefront: gold. It is Utah’s first uniform with gold as the primary tone, rather than an accent note. Utah’s particular shade of gold is unique to the team throughout the NBA.

Hood, who was in the unveiling in Culver City, Calif., said he liked the look in a statement provided by the Jazz: “They’ll be a nice change from our white and blue uniforms. Our fans are going to be impressed when they see these in person.”

The jersey, which was leaked in screenshots for the upcoming NBA 2K18 video game, will feature the more familiar blue and green colors in the numerals and Jazz note. Like Utah’s other uniforms this season, it will also feature a Qualtrics “5 for the Fight” logo to represent the team’s partnership for funding cancer research.

The Nike uniform overhaul will also bring an overhaul in how jerseys are worn throughout the league: There are no more designated “home” or “away” jerseys, and home teams will dictate which colors they wish to wear on a given night. The “Statement” uniforms join the Jazz “Association” and “Icon” jerseys as being finally revealed, but one more community-inspired design is still to be released.