Ladies and gentlemen (and everyone else too, ’cause we’re inclusive like that), it’s yet another edition of the Weekly Run podcast, discussing any and all things Utah Jazz.

This week, Andy Larsen and Eric Walden discuss a wide range of topics, such as the long-term prospects of a couple guys who just played with the Salt Lake City Stars, the Jazz not being the slowest team in the NBA this year, Donovan’s potential ability to go on an epic scoring run to close out the season, and whether the Jazz are an un-clutch team.

Here’s the full rundown of our seven — yes, seven! — topics of discussion this time:

At 4:00 • Grayson Allen did not look good with the Stars. Did the Jazz miss on him?

At 11:17 • Tyler Cavanaugh, in contrast, has looked very good with the Stars. Can he be an end-of-the-bench NBA guy?

At 15:20 • The Jazz are actually 14th in the NBA in pace this season. What’s behind them speeding things up?

At 21:12 • Former Jazz assistant turned Suns head coach Igor Kokoskov is rumored to be on the hot seat already in his first season in Phoenix.

At 26:35 • Can Donovan Mitchell average 30 points per game over the remainder of the regular season?

At 30:43 • The Jazz are 0-5 this season in games decided by 3 or fewer points — is this something or is it nothing?

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