‘Mormon Land’: From temple divorce to a thriving interfaith marriage, LDS mother shares her journey to mutual love and understanding

She and her husband are raising their son in Catholicism and Mormonism.

(Left: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Right: Steve Helber | AP) A sealing room in the Washington, D.C.,Temple, left, and an altar of the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Richmond, Va.

Carolyn Homer, a Latter-day Saint attorney in Washington, D.C., expected her life to be the epitome of Mormonism’s teachings on marriage and family. She planned for a temple wedding and didn’t expect to work outside the home after children were born. But that marriage failed (“It was just a disaster”) and thrust her into a new spiritual journey, since “everything that was supposed to happen wasn’t happening.”

Now married to a Catholic and a relatively new mother, Carolyn and her husband, Brad, are charting a rich path in both faiths as they rear their young son as 66% Catholic and 33% Latter-day Saint.

In this week’s podcast, Homer talks about her experience with marriage, divorce and interfaith parenting — and how the couple negotiate complex theological issues like the Book of Mormon and the Latter-day Saint sacrament versus the Eucharist.

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