‘Mormon Land’: Gordon Monson talks tithing, politics, patriotism and his new beat: religion

Longtime Tribune sports columnist discusses the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly reactions his faith commentaries have generated among Latter-day Saints.

(Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) The Salt Lake Tribune's Gordon Monson has been writing faith columns for more than year.

Paying tithing at a time when The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has tens of millions of dollars in surplus assets. Lauding the faith’s explicit neutrality stance in U.S. partisan politics — along with its implicit call for more Democrats in the pews — and then seeing the church’s Utah Area Presidency embrace an effort to celebrate the Constitution by endorsing a group with multiple far-right ties.

Add to that senior apostle Dallin Oaks’ plea for young members to stop delaying marriage and child rearing while acknowledging the sometimes-crippling barrier of housing costs.

Yes, there has been no shortage of topics of late to which Salt Lake Tribune columnist Gordon Monson could add his voice and views.

On today’s show, a little more than year since he became a regular faith columnist, Monson discusses his latest pieces on tithing, politics, patriotism and marriage — and shares what has been most rewarding and most distressing about his new assignment.

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