‘Mormon Land’: The way forward for Latter-day Saints who aren’t all-in or all-out

Christian Kimball discusses his new book, “Living on the Inside of the Edge: A Survival Guide,” the current top seller on Mormonism.

(Illustration by Christopher Cherrington | The Salt Lake Tribune)

There are plenty of people counted as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who don’t necessarily make their memberships count.

They’re not all-in, but they’re not all-out either.

They may have issues with church’s theology, history, policies, practices, people or any number of other reasons. Some eventually leave, but many stay, clinging to the fringes of the faith.

It’s to this diverse and disparate audience that this week’s guest, author Christian Kimball, addresses his new book, “Living on the Inside of the Edge: A Survival Guide,” currently Amazon’s bestselling Mormonism book.

A former bishop, Kimball, who describes himself as a “25-year veteran backbencher in a blue shirt and no tie,” doesn’t prod these “edge dwellers” to stick it out — in fact, he says exiting the church may be the best move for some — but he also doesn’t urge these “middle-way” members to bolt.

Rather, he offers practical and practicable advice for how adult Latter-day Saints can navigate the nexus of affection and disaffection, doubt and certainty, belief and disbelief, activity and inactivity, and be at home on the “inside of the edge” of Mormonism.

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