‘Mormon Land’: Hear from Latter-day Saints in Ukraine as they face bombs and bullets amid faith and fellowship

With the Kyiv Temple closed, the more than 11,000 members have banded together, finding strength and support from one another.

(Andreea Alexandru | AP) Children who fled the conflict from neighboring Ukraine play on the floor of an event hall in a hotel offering shelter in Siret, Romania, Saturday, Feb. 26, 2022. Romania, which shares around 372 miles of border with Ukraine to the north, is seeing an influx of refugees from the country as many flee Russia's attacks.

The world watched last week as Russian troops invaded Ukraine. Caught in the crosshairs were more than 11,000 Ukrainian members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In this special episode, Salt Lake Tribune journalists Chris Samuels and Tamarra Kemsley spoke with Latter-day Saints across Ukraine — and some fleeing the Eastern European nation — to learn about how, with the Kyiv Temple shut down, they were faring, as well as how their congregations have banded together before and after the bombs started to drop.

Listen here:

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