200th episode of ‘Mormon Land’: Experts explore Mormonism and sex. It’s more than just for making babies but less than anything goes.

Panelists discuss topics ranging from sex within marriage to sex outside of it, same-sex unions, bishop interviews, polygamy, pornography and how Latter-day Saint leaders message the faith’s do’s and don’ts surrounding sex.

(Illustration by Christopher Cherrington | The Salt Lake Tribune)

In today’s world, ideas about sex are ever present and often confusing. Sexual relations can bond couples together, or be abusive, manipulative and unhealthy.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, like most faiths, views the creation of life as sacred, but it also sees sexual intimacy as an expression of love. The Utah-based faith does not preach sex as “original sin,” but it also sometimes sends conflicting, even harmful messages about human desire to members, producing guilt and shame.

There are also endless questions about homosexuality and same-sex marriage, the evils of pornography, and what constitutes healthy sexuality.

On this week’s show — streamed live Tuesday night to our Patreon supporters — we invited the following panel to explore the wide-ranging issues surrounding sexuality and Mormonism:

• Jennifer Finlayson-Fife, a licensed therapist who specializes in working with Latter-day Saint couples on sexuality and relationship issues.

• Michael Austin, a university administrator who has a deep interest in Mormon theology, particularly the nature of sexuality.

• Jacob Hess, mindfulness teacher and writer at Public Square Magazine who has explored the problems of pornography.

Together, we discussed “Mormonism and Sex — More Than Just for Making Babies But Less Than Anything Goes.”

Listen here:

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