‘Mormon Land’: The new push to get BYU to trim its beard ban

An emeritus professor and hundreds of supporters say it’s past time to dump the bygone rule from another era.

If Brigham Young wanted to enroll at his namesake university, he’d have to shave his beard. A number of other former Latter-day Saint prophets would have to do the same.

Warner Woodworth, an emeritus professor from Brigham Young University, argues that’s just wrong. So he launched a Change.org petition urging the Provo school to end its prohibition on whiskers.

(Salt Lake Tribune archives) Warner Woodworth, an emeritus professor at Brigham Young University, is pushing the Provo school to remove its ban on beards.

Others have tried before to overturn the 1960s-era beard ban but failed. Still, Woodworth is confident this push will succeed.

On this week’s show, Woodworth talks about his campaign to “bring back the beard” at BYU.

Listen here:

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