‘Mormon Land’: Poet Carol Lynn Pearson discusses her new book on her quest to find Heavenly Mother

(Tribune file photo) Author Carol Lynn Pearson

In 2015, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued a short essay matter-of-factly affirming its belief in a Heavenly Mother. It was only six paragraphs, barely 600 words.

That left the subject wide open to imaginative exploration with leaders and members increasingly embracing the idea and mentioning Heavenly Parents in writings and sermons.

Latter-day Saint poet Carol Lynn Pearson insists the world “needs” to find, or rediscover, Heavenly Mother, arguing that bringing her back “is not just cosmetic, it is cosmic” and can help bring peace, justice and harmony to the planet.

She undertakes that quest in her new volume of verses, “Finding Mother God: Poems to Heal the World,” and discusses it on this week’s podcast.

Listen here.